Flying on a hot air balloon over Cappadocia/ Voando de balão na Capadócia

BR: Oi gente linda, e aí já viram o vídeo do meu voo de balão na Capadócia? Se não viram ainda, vejam agora, clica aqui! Ficou super legal 🙂

Como prometido, hoje vou explicar direitinho para vocês como tudo funcionou. Mas primeiramente preciso falar: Está indo para a Capadócia? Pode reservar dinheirinhos para voar de balão por que ir para a Capadócia e não voar em um balão, é como ir para Roma e não conhecer o Coliseu. Ou ir para a Paris e não visitar a Torre Eiffel. Acreditem, é obrigatório!  🙂

EN: Hi beautiful people, have you seen already the video of my first balloon ride in Cappadocia? If not, you should do it now, click here! It was awesome:)

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Top 5 must do things in NYC / Top 5 coisas para fazer em Nova Iorque

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made, there’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York, these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it from New York, New York…

EN: Hello beautiful people, today I´m starting the posts about my USA trip and I couldn´t find any way better to describe New York than whit the phrase above. Btw, for those who don´t know this is a piece of Jay Z & Alicia Keys music called “New York”. And it´s in my opinion the perfect definition of NYC: a place where you can do anything you want, full of possibilities and inspiring.

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Top 10 – Must sees in Florence / Aonde ir em Florença

EN: Florence is literally a city that breathes culture. Surrounded by famous sculptures, street art and a collection of some of the most important museums in Europe. The city is a must for anyone that´s planning a trip to Tuscany. Get ready to walk a lot, get lost among the alleys and for the rain. It seems that it´s always raining there 🙂 . How many days should you stay in Florence? It depends on you! Where do you want to go, how many museums you want to visit and how you will feel when you are in town. I feel more comfortable in small towns, like Volterra and San Gimignano. So for me two days are more than enough in the city of Dante Alighieri 🙂 Now if you want to visit as many museums as you can, and love to be in the “big cities” the best for you would be to spend 4 days. Anyway, to help you to make the most of your days in this beautiful city, here are the top 10 most important places of Florence. You shouldn’t miss them! Leia mais

Camping in Corsica – Plage Bodri / Acampando em Córsega – Plage Bodri

BR: Fala meu povo lindo, hoje vou ser curta e grossa, rs . Lembram que falei no post L’Île-Rousse  sobre o Camping Le Bodri? Lá é tudo de bom, super recomendo. Pois bem, quando o mencionei disse também que a praia – (que fica nem á 5 minutos andando) – é uma das mais lindas que eu vi na ilha. A praia é tao linda e o camping é tao bacana que acabamos mudando – um pouco os planos e ficamos por lá mais dias do que o planejado hehehe. Entendam o porquê

EN: Hello beautiful people, today it will be short and sweet 🙂 Remember the last post, where I talked about Camping Le Bodri? This place is awesome!! Well,  as I said the beach – (which is not even 5 minutes by foot) – is one of the prettiest I have seen on this island. It´s so beautiful and the camping is so great that we even changed our plans and stayed there for more days than we had planned hehehe. See the reason why:

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Where to stay in Santorini – Hospedagem em Santorini

EN: One of the most important decisions when you are planning your trip is where to stay. Usually it takes me a very long time to plan this. I don´t really need a 5 star hotel to be happy on a trip, but there are some points that are essential for me. And they are:

 1. Cleanness – I am terrified of sleeping in dirty hotels. The hotel / room can be simple, but it has to be clean.

 2. Cost-benefit – If your trip is tightened to a certain budged (like it´s the case with me, since I´m no millionaire) it´s just important to see if the price of the hotel fits to its offer.

 3.Location- I love to walk, but when I travel I search for hotels in strategic places, so I can use my time more efficiently.

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Castle Combe, the charming village in the heart of England / Castle Combe, no coração da Inglaterra.

 EN: Castle Combe, a cute village in Southern England which belongs to the Cotswold region. I already wrote about this region in another post called: “Bibury, the most beautiful village in England” (if you didn´t read it yet: now is the time! :). I visited Castle Combe when I was in London, and I can tell you: It was the “highlight” of my trip. London is beautiful, everyone knows that, but the city is just overcrowded with tourists. However – since I am a very atypical tourist, I prefer places like Castle Combe. Which means empty places hahaha. This little village has only 350 residents. Yes beautiful people, only 350 residents, can you imagine ?! You might ask yourself: Ok, sounds nice. But what am I going to do in a tiny little place like this? If so, Hip Girl tells you: Breathe fresh air or meet one of the oldest cemeteries in England. Or just be getting around through the one and only street of the village. Enjoy watching postcard typical cottage houses. Take lots of pictures of yourself without any tourists in the background, and all of that in a place that looks like it was made up out of a fairy tale. Convinced? If still not convinced, I’ll give you three more reasons to go there:

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Discover Trindade – Brazil / Dicas de Trindade – RJ

EN: Trindade, a fishing village, almost isolated from civilization, and stronghold of the hippies in the 70s. Undoubtedly a must see for anyone who is in Paraty. Things to do in Trindade? Get ready to find perfect beaches for surfing, tide pools and waterfalls. Peaks and viewpoints will invite you to do a hike through the Atlantic Forest. How to get to Trindade? The village is located 25 kilometers south of Paraty (where you´ll find several agencies that offer tours to there). But what only few people know is that it’s super easy and cheap to reach this paradise village by bus. Buses leave every hour and you can take them in at the one and only bus station that exists in Paraty. The tickets cost only 3 reais and 30 cents (one way), and the trip takes 50 minutes.

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